REDMI NOTE 8 PRO Dead Boot Repair

It is known that the Note 8 Pro, the owner of the MTK processor, needs flashing a factory flash for almost any operation you do

repair imei, reset, frp, or etc

But this device by virtue of the fact that the MTK processor in any disconnection that occurs during the flashing process may lead to the death of the phone entirely in the sense that the phone does not enter any mode, not recovery or fastboot or any mode was only a black screen ok the solution?

The solution is there, God willing, the experiment was done on an open-ended boot loader phone, and the phone ran without any problems Ok, if the phone is locked the boot loader?

An experiment was done on a dead phone. The boot loader was activated, but the phone was commented on the recovery and fastboot. In this case, since the boot loader is locked, the only solution is currently flashing on any tool that supports flashing the server, such as a documented account from the Xiaomi company for connection to the sp flash tool or box. … ufi, but we must try even if the boot loader is locked and share the result, pending in the article

We come to the solution:

First you have to download the following flash:

from here

Then, open the sp flash tool exclusively

Because any other version will show an error when selecting a scatter file

And selecting the scatter file in the images folder from inside the pre-loaded official flash

Then from the download-agent field, choose File


Like the attached image, click download, and connect the phone is turned off, i.e. in the power off mode if it does not recognize all you have to do, a simple Rest action through the volume buttons

And the power button without disconnecting it from the USB, of course

If the program hangs a little, do not disconnect the phone, wait, it may be in the process of flashing

Inspection will start with a full flash time of approximately 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the speed of the computer and USB​


Özel Rom ve Flash tool indirmek için Aşağıdaki bağlantıya Tıklayınız!

İndirmek için Tıkla


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